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FOMO: What is it and do you have it

Updated: Feb 24

What feelings do you get when you scroll through social media and see the great parties, the awesome vacations, or the fun everyone seems to be having? There you are lounging on the couch in your pajamas under a cozy blanket and it hits you...FOMO-Fear of missing out. Everyone is out there having their best life and there you are missing out.

It has a way of creeping into our lives, no matter who we are. It's time to break free of that trap and instead embrace the feeling of living in the moment.

Have you fallen into this trap? Do you always feel like there's always something better happening somewhere else? FOMO tricks our minds. It makes us believe that we are missing out on these amazing experiences, which in turn can cause you to feel dissatisfied with where you are in life.

The Social Media Trap

And that is exactly how it can be. We only see the things people want you to see. There is an image people want to portray that their life is bells and whistles all the time. But most times you don't see the nitty gritty. The real-life ups and downs and bad things that happen along the way. That is real life not just what we show on our social media.

Practice JOMO Instead

Instead of living with FOMO, live with JOMO instead which is Joy of Missing Out. There is freedom in choosing what matters to YOU! It's all about feeling contentment with the decisions you make that bring value and joy.

Practice Mindfulness and Gratitude

Both of these practices are great for battling FOMO. When we are mindful we appreciate what is happening right now, and gratitude will shift that focus from what you don't have to feeling contentment from what you do have.

Create Meaningful Experiences

I have a great idea! How about instead of trying to chase after every opportunity just because it seems exciting, focus instead on what matters to you the most. Remember I have said many times that time is something we can never get back, it can't be bought or sold, so invest the time you have in experiences that create meaning and passion for you. The saying is so true that it's quality you want not quantity.

Embrace Your True Self

There is absolutely nothing wrong with missing out on some things. The FOMO you feel will start to go away when you learn to embrace who you are and what makes you happy. Once you embrace what is unique about you, the fear of missing out will lose its grip on you.

Listen, FOMO will always be there, but you don't have to let it control your emotions. If you practice what we talked about above, you can break free from its grasp and instead savor what is happening right now.

The next time it comes to visit you, let it know it can't stay very long, and send it packing. Our lives weren't meant to chase every wave but to ride the waves that make your soul shine. So here is to living fearlessly and embracing the here and now!

riding a big wave

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