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The Art of Slowing Down

Raise your hand if you are one that gets caught up in activity constantly. Do you rush from activity to activity and are connected to your device 24/7? It's time to pause and catch your breath and look at time as a precious commodity. How would you like to try something new? Leave the chaos at the door? There is an art to slowing it down and finding peace and calm to help rejuvenate your body and soul. Let's dive in!

You may be asking what is so bad about it? There are many reasons but I wanted to point out a few here.

  1. Our bodies weren't designed to live in a state of constant of hustle. The constant chase of the next thing has lead to chronic stress, anxiety, and burnout in our society.

  2. Your mental clarity is impaired. This constant pace doesn't give your brain time to process, focus, and make thoughtful decisions.

  3. Shallow living is another big one. Your relationships are affected, you may miss out on opportunities for personal growth, and of course you aren't experiencing those simple pleasures that life gives us.

On the flip side, when you slow down, the benefits are huge. Your overall health will improve when you eliminate the extra stress. You will notice better sleep and best of all you will feel better in general. You may notice your feelings of anxiety starting to dissipate. Huge win!

You will see improvements in your mental clarity. Imagine the feeling of being able to clear your mind. Or being able to focus more clearly on a task. It sounds appealing doesn't it? Just the idea of making decisions in a more thoughtful manner is a big thumbs up for everyone.

Let's talk about shallow living. You don't see it when you are in that constant state. Once you develop this art of slowing down it will become crystal clear. What you will find once you practice this lifestyle is you will notice things you didn't notice before. You will find a passion for things you want to do and will do them, whether it's baking, crafting, woodworking, or even reading more books. You will do the things that matter to you and feel fulfilled. You will deepen your relationships with people through more connection. These things will give you feelings of more peace, more calm, and best of all more love of life. We have to stop saying I want to do this in 5 years or 10 years or when I retire. Stop doing yourself a disservice and do it now. I always tell people, everyday that passes is one day closer to the end of your journey on this earth so don't waste it!

I'd like to share some tips to help you develop this new found art of slowing down to start your new journey.

  1. Practice Meditation-Take a few minutes a day to find mindfulness through meditation. Even just those few minutes can make a big difference.

  2. Set Boundaries-Learn that it is ok to say no sometimes. It's important that we protect our time and energy to maintain a balanced life.

  3. Unplug-Dedicate time each day or at least a few times a week to disconnect yourself from technology to join the real world.

  4. Embrace No Plans!-Leave time in your schedule to plan for relaxation or even spontaneity. You know, that day when you would have loved to just curl up with a blanket and a good book but didn't, now you do!

  5. Prioritize Self Care-Make self care non-negotiable. Rediscover your self worth by taking time to practice self care, whatever that means to you. It could be exercise, reading, taking a bath, or watching a movie.

  6. Spend time in nature-whether it's a walk, hiking, camping, or simply sitting outside looking at the beauty around you. Nature provides us with a rejuvenation you can't find anywhere else. If you don't believe it look into the benefits of earthing!

Don't be hard on yourself if this practice is tough for you. Breaking old habits is hard but the rewards you will find are hugely beneficial. Be patient with yourself and celebrate your small victories and forgive yourself for occasional relapses into your old lifestyle.

We live in a world that seems to value speed and constant hurriedness above everything else. When you are intentional about slowing down, you will find balance and serenity in this fast paced world. Always keep in mind that life is not a race. It's meant for us to live and not just exist, to savor the beauty and everything it gives us. I think that you will find some of the most beautiful moments are the ones that you will discover between all the chaos.

At Simple Joy Box our goal is to help people reconnect with what matters most in life and to find joy in the everyday. Each month we curate an experience that helps you de-stress, slow down, and appreciate the simple things in life. Even the most ordinary moments can be transformed into something special with the right mindset and a few thoughtful touches. We make the ordinary extraordinary!

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