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How new perspectives are beneficial

Updated: Jun 3

In part 5 of our blog series on the benefits of new experiences we are going to be talking about new perspectives. If you missed our other posts you can find them here.

What is perspective exactly? It is how you view things. Everyone has a different perspective on things but some will only see their perspective as right. This can make things complicated because instead of seeing similarities, some people choose to focus on what's different instead. Check out this picture. What do you see?

Your own perspectives will determine how you relate to other people, how you handle relationships with others and how you live your life day to day. Imagine how things could be different if you could see something from someone else's perspective.

If you choose to have a negative perspective it makes everything around you negative. If you focus on positive perspectives you will have more meaningful relationships and experience gratitude and feel more happy overall.

So, you must ask yourself if there are things you avoid because of your perspective on that particular thing. It's one thing to absolutely know you don't like something, but to avoid it because of your perspective is different. Let's say your whole life people told you animals are just dirty smelly worthless creatures. You never let yourself be around animals because of other people's perspective. What if you gained your own perspective on animals and discovered they are loving, snuggly creatures that love on you. Imagine what you would have missed out on if you only saw one side.

I would encourage you to try and change your perspective on certain things and see what a difference it makes. I bet you will be surprised.

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