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The monster in our sideview called fear

Updated: Jun 3

When you think about various experiences, what is the one thing that stops you sometimes? Raise your hand if you said fear.

So many of us don't do something because of that very thing. There is different stages we go through when we fear something. The first emotion we typically feel is agony. You tend to focus on where you may fall short, what might make us fail or even being judged instead of focusing on what is actually true in that situation.

The next emotion in the equation is anger. We are trying but we fail a few times. Of course then we tell ourselves see I can't do this. These lies we tell ourselves affirm the belief that we just can't do it. Does this sound familiar? I've been guilty of this myself. If I got past the first stage and I tried and couldn't do it right the first time or two then that's it, I knew I couldn't do it. I am not good at this. Why do we give up on ourselves so easily but yet easily encourage someone else to just keep trying.

What should we do? Keep pushing that's what! We want to get to the last stage of this process. You know when you astonish yourself because guess what...I did it! You feel pride, accomplishment, all these emotions that give you the good feels. And the best part? You proved to yourself you could do it.

There is only one obstacle that holds us back in anything we do and that is fear. Show that monster on your back who is boss and you will be amazed at what you really can do. The sky is the limit. We understand you need to enjoy things on the smaller scale and that's why we created the ultimate subscription box for introverts.

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