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Why should we broaden our horizons

Updated: Apr 1

We have reached part 4 of our series on the benefits of new experiences. Catch up on this series here. This month we are talking about broadening your horizons. Let's dig in.

You may be thinking to yourself, no I'm good. I don't need anything new or too people-y. The truth is, there are so many different shades out there than just black and white. Life offers so much to us and you could be missing out on some great things.

When you do things you don't typically do that is scary, but putting yourself out there and trying new things can be so rewarding! No one is saying those things have to be crazy. Have you seen any classes that piqued your interest, have you thought about joining a gym, or maybe trying out a new hobby? Getting out of your routine is a huge part. Take advantage of technology. There are so many opportunities out there online.

So why should we broaden our horizons? Here are some good reasons.

  1. It helps you grow as a person. When you just do the same things over and over you aren't learning or challenging yourself.

  2. If you never stray from your routine you get stuck in a rut. You accept that things are just OK and become complacent. Can you pinpoint where in your life you have become complacent?

  3. It holds you back. I'm sure we have all thought of doing something but didn't because we held ourselves back. Talked yourself out of it. Imagine what you could have learned or the fun that was missed by holding yourself back.

So what can we do to remedy this? Think about the things you are passionate about and pursue them! It could be anything! Find some like-minded people and build some new relationships. When you find the right ones they will elevate you and bring more joy to your life. I challenge you to create a vision board. It can be as simple or complex as you would like. Make it about you and your dreams and aspirations for what you want to do in your life.

The most important thing to remember is not to remain stuck believing the grass is not greener. If you keep holding yourself back you are missing out on so many great life experiences, and those life experiences are what is important to you and how you want to do them, not what someone else's may be. We are all different and all enjoy a huge variety of things so don't think that to broaden your horizons you have to be doing what others are doing or it doesn't count.

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