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8 Tips to Bring Mindfulness Into Your Relationships

When you think of your life these days which of these two lyrics from The Eagles would you say best fits your lifestyle? "Life in the fast lane..sure to make you lose your mind" or "I've got a peaceful easy feeling"? I am hoping it's the latter, but if it's not let's try to get you on track to that peaceful easy feeling.

Today I'd like to talk about how living in the moment can be a huge booster to your relationships. You can take any relationship you are in from a partner to friends and family and make it something extraordinary by just making some lifestyle changes. I have some tips to help you get started on the road to more meaningful relationships!

  1. Practice Mindful Communication

You know how it is in today's world, no conversation is complete without speed and some sort of distraction or device. So first things first let's slow it down. If you have to, force yourself to engage completely. I know this is foreign to some of us, but trust me. Listen and pay attention to what the other person is saying. And that means putting away the devices. You will survive I promise. When you focus, listen, and give your complete attention, you are strengthening the relationship with that person. This is something that is so important and sadly is disappearing in our society. Let's change it. Let's have meaningful conversations like we used to have before all of the technology.

2. Chose Quality over Quantity

The time that we spend with our people is usually hectic right? Let's embrace the slow living lifestyle by prioritizing quality time instead. Plan intentional moments instead of hurried ones. That could look like a nice home-cooked meal, a walk through nature, or just sitting with a cup of tea or coffee and talking. The key is to do things that will create memories instead of rushing through your checklist of things to be done. Taking that effort to break out of that routine and instead spend quality time with someone will make a big difference.

3. Do a Digital Detox

I know I know..this is tough for some people. You can start slow. Limit screen time in the evening or create a zone in your home that is tech-free. You can use technology mindfully but you just have to re-learn how to do it. Turn off the sound or make it a point not to check your notifications for a certain amount of time. Take that focus and place it on the person you are with instead.

4. Mindful Intimacy

You can add spice to your intimate relationship with mindfulness! Slow things down, and focus on the sensations and your emotions. When you become more attuned to your partner's needs, you can strengthen your connection with each other. Your bond will become stronger when the emotional and physical aspects of your relationship are deepened.

5. Shared Slow Living Activities

Shared activities are a great way to create a bond with people. Doing things together such as cooking from scratch, taking a walk together, or even sitting under the stars is a great way to connect. Mindfulness activities like meditation or yoga are also a perfect date with a friend or partner that you want to share some mutual values with to deepen that connection.

6. Appreciate the Little Things

One of the best ways to cultivate gratitude in your relationships is to appreciate the small everyday moments. Take the time to slow down and notice the things you love about that person. Focusing on the positive aspects in the present moment reinforces your contentment with that relationship. This is something we tend to take for granted and when we stop doing that everything changes.

7. Mindful Conflict Resolution

We all have disagreements with people whether they are partners, friends, or work colleagues. Instead of reacting, take a moment to breathe and center yourself before you respond. I know in the heat of the moment it's so hard, but we need to listen and try to see things from their perspective. Even the act of slowing down the resolution helps to bring out more thoughtful and effective communication. This is so hard if you are a person who automatically reacts, but with practice, you can change this behavior which will lead to a more positive outcome.

8. Creating a Relaxing Environment

Our homes are our safe spaces, our sanctuaries, so let's make our spaces cozy, relaxing, and tranquil. You don't need to redesign your house or go out and buy new things. This is about what feels cozy and relaxing to you. You can incorporate aspects of slow living into your space such as a reading nook, or a super comfy spot to unwind at the end of the day with your partner. When you have a peaceful environment it helps to contribute to a stress-free relationship that feels perfect.

two chairs on a deck with a firepit

The key is to bring mindfulness into different aspects of our relationships. It will enhance your connection and will bring about a more intentionally fulfilling partnership.

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