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The Magic of Christmas and the Gift of Time

Updated: Feb 24

Christmas truly is a magical time of year. It's the glowing lights, the warm spicy smells, maybe snow if you live in a colder climate, and the act of giving. There is a lot of time spent getting ready for Christmas to come, and before you know it it's over. With all the cozy and nostalgic feelings that come with Christmas, why are we rushing through it instead of enjoying it? It creates feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. Let's do something different.

I believe that the right mindset can help us make the things we would like to get done feel like a mindful activity instead of a chore. For instance, the Christmas cards. Some people love it and some hate it. What if we looked at it as a gesture to let people know you are thinking about them? Make it a cozy experience by making some hot chocolate or tea, finding a cozy spot, and writing them out. Don't let your mind wander to other things, just make the task at hand your priority. Use mindful activities as your escape when you feel overwhelmed like baking, crafting, or even just sitting and watching a holiday movie. Remember, these are the things that make the holidays special, the things that make memories for us. Appreciate the little moments that may not seem important in the big picture because they are important.

What are some ways to make the most of your time during the holidays? First, I would suggest cutting out anything that doesn't feel as important to you anymore. Some traditions will fade over time and that is ok. If it doesn't make you feel good but instead makes you feel stressed, it may be time to retire from that activity. Could you host a Christmas open house instead of driving to a bunch of houses? Instead of spending every Saturday driving all over creation, how about hosting something for everyone? It can be informal. Provide foods that are self-serve instead of a dinner. Set a time frame and people can come and go as it works for them. If you host in the afternoon hours you can have lighter fare that is also more inexpensive. You could free up more time to spend doing activities that you love during the season and not feel stressed about getting it all done.

I think one of the most important things we can do during the Christmas season is reflect back on the past year and feel grateful for the positive moments that happened. We should always remember to appreciate what we have. The more we practice this the more positivity will come into your life. I also think we should always try to give back in some way as well. There are so many small things we can do that would make someone else's day.

Let's make sure we savor all the season gives us. Help someone in need or animals in need. Take the time to really feel and experience what this time of year is all about and what is special to you. Feel gratitude for all you have and practice mindfulness in your activities. Remember, the more holidays you rush through, the less there is to enjoy.

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