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Let's Get Excited

Updated: Jun 5

Welcome to part 9 of our blog series on the Benefits of New Experiences. If you missed our other posts you can read them here.

In this blog we are going to talk about how new experiences can bring you a sense of excitement.

Who doesn't love being excited about something? It's a great feeling to have. Excitement begins in the brain. It's a condition of physiological arousal which means your heart rate will rise, your sympathetic nervous system increases activity, and your brain signals increased production of hormones. It's really quite a process!

In order for our lives to not become dull we need excitement. If your life becomes dull, it will make you feel unhappy and that can lead to feelings of depression. The good news is there is a trick to finding more excitement in your life.

All you have to do is be excited by the little things. How easy is that? If we learn to be excited by the simpler things in life we will never run out of things to be excited about! For example, your July box came and it was A Day at the Farmer's Market. Mark the day on your calendar that you want to visit your local market. When the day comes, you head out loaded with your gear that came in your box. The idea is to really EXPERIENCE your farmer's market trip. Walk around and look at all the stands, sip on your tea or coffee in your tumbler, maybe buy a breakfast sandwich or pastry. Then take a seat and listen to the live music if they have it, look at the nature surrounding you, lose yourself just relaxing and enjoying the experience. When you approach your experiences with that mind set you get yourself excited for the simple things! On the opposite side of the equation, if you only focus on the big things you will eventually run out of things to be excited about. It's really just teaching yourself another way of thinking.

The beauty of this is that if we fill our lives with new experiences we will feel alive! The more regularly you feel excited the more you want to do, the more you want to act on things, and the more you want to move!

Just think, if you keep feeling excited and moved by the little things, you will become unstoppable!

At Simple Joy Box we specialize in creating new experiences for you each month to enjoy the simple things in life. We help you make memories to enjoy for years to come.

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