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Celebrate Earth Day

Updated: Apr 1

April brings many things. Spring weather, rain, the first buds and flowers pushing out of the ground, and Earth Day. We were inspired this month with our box to celebrate our Earth. If you stop and take a good look it's really very beautiful. The colors, textures, wildlife, plant life, sunrises and sunsets.

We can all take small steps to help our planet thrive. Using less plastic, recycling as much as possible, and not using harsh chemicals and pesticides are a great start. The other great benefit of helping our planet is the good feelings from doing something great. Think about small changes you can make that will make the earth sing with joy.


I have to say I had a hard time coming up with things to say in this blog. We just put our dog to rest a few days ago from cancer. It's been so very difficult for us. I thought Earth Day would be the perfect opportunity to honor her because she loved the warm weather and being outside. One of her favorite things was playing ball and to my despair eating my coneflowers! Ha ha. But I have to wonder if she knew she was getting sick because Echinacea does have healing properties.

Simple Joy Box is a curated subscription box designed to help you embrace the art of a slow-living lifestyle one month at a time. We take the guesswork out of finding your new hobby by introducing new creative habits that allow for more self-expression and create more simple pleasures in your day-to-day life. If you are ready to start your slow-living lifestyle, visit our website to learn more about us, and join our email list to stay up to date on our blogs.

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