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Who wants to go on a picnic?

Updated: Apr 1

Raise your hand if you remember the last time you went on a real picnic? You know, basket or cooler, blanket, food, drinks sitting at the local park. I don't remember at all. It had to be when I was a kid.

For our June theme we decided to go old school. Back to an old fashioned picnic. For those of you that are introverted it is a perfect activity. Listen, we love being homebodies but being out in nature is so awesome. You can picnic alone, or bring a close friend or two. Here are some ideas to consider for your picnic.

International Foods

Take a trip to different countries with your food choices. You can go European, Mexican, German, Thai. The list is endless. Try and pick some complimentary recipes from each country you choose that will pair well together. Even your beverage options can be themed to a country.

Hawaiian Luau

Grab your flowered shirts and leis and take a trip to Hawaii. There are tons of fun recipes on Pinterest to make your menu, so many in fact you may have a hard time choosing. You can have your own luau! And don't forget to do some hula dancing.

Wine and cheese

If you are a wine lover why not make that your theme. Bring a bottle or two, some cheese and other yummy goodness to make charcuterie boards. If you have some small wooden boards you can use them, or make charcuterie boxes which are easy to transport. Bring a deck of cards for some fun games while you nibble.

Tea Party

Make up some of your favorite flavors of tea and some finger sandwiches for a perfect tea party picnic. Dress it up with some fancy plates and serving pieces and even some fresh flowers. If you really want to get in the spirit of the theme, dress in your favorite flowy summer dress and a fancy garden hat.

The possibilities are endless for your summer picnic. If you are going solo make sure to bring your favorite book and lose yourself in the story. Bird watching is also a fun past time as well as taking pictures of the beautiful scenery.

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