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What is contentment?

Updated: Jun 3

Welcome to part 6 of our series The Benefits of New Experiences. This month we focus on the benefit of feeling contentment.

What is contentment exactly? It is a long lasting feeling of happiness accompanied by feelings of peacefulness, gratitude, and satisfaction. All these induce feelings of warmth for me. Like a big hug or soft cozy blanket wrapped around you. All these feelings are not hard to achieve! It's a matter of just experiencing.

When we feel happiness we are creating enhanced brain activity. This gives us those feel good endorphins. These feel good endorphins are created by experiences. Don't worry I'm not talking about cliff diving or scaling mountains, which by the way if that is your thing go for it! I'm talking even simple things. Creating that new garden, trying your hand at that new craft technique, learning to sew.

The saying variety is the spice of life is so true. The more variety you have in your life the happier you will feel. I get it though, change or new things can be scary. But, surprisingly we actually fear the unknown more than we fear having a bad experience. But the truth is variety will create memories and that actually trains your brain to remember positive rewards.

When you unlock your confidence and re-learn yourself you find out more about you and what your true limitations are. Talk about contentment! Think about a time you learned or did something new and those feelings you got from that experience. It's so rewarding and keeps you wanting more.

These things are what we hope to bring to you each month. An experience to create some memories and feeling those feelings! We get excited creating the boxes for you and hope you feel the same receiving them!

At Simple Joy Box, we curate the ultimate subscription box for introverts! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Make memories your way!

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