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6 Tips To Make the Most of the Farmers Market

Updated: Apr 1

This month the experience featured in our box is the farmer's market. If you have never been to the market, it's something you need to do. First, you are supporting your local farmers and second, it's fresh products from produce, meat, cheeses, dairy, artisan products and so much more. It beats the grocery store hands down.

The market is an experience all in itself. Grocery shopping can feel like a chore, but it's a different feel here. You will get to know all the vendors you like to frequent, you're buying healthy products, and most markets nowadays have live entertainment.

So what do you need to know to have a successful market day? I have some tips for you to make the most of your trip.

1. Know Your Seasons

Every season of the market will have different produce to choose from. Find out what is available during different times to stock up on your favorites. Tons of veggies and some fruits freeze well so you can enjoy out-of-season produce in winter months.

2. Be the Early Bird

Getting to the market early gives you the benefit of missing the crowds that happen throughout the day. It also gives you the advantage of getting what you want before it's sold out.

3. Be Late

On the flip side, shopping at the end of the day you will sometimes get good deals. Some vendors will not want to bring their goods back home so you may luck out and get great prices.

4. Bring your Reusable Bags

Be sure to bring large reusable bags along as well as some small produce bags. Some vendors will provide bags but they are usually thin plastic bags that can break with too much weight. We want to reduce our plastic bag use anyway right so why not keep reusables in your car for shopping trips!

5. Bring Cash

Depending on the size of the markets in your town, some vendors may not take cards. It's always a good idea to bring cash just in case.

6. Have Fun!

Most importantly, have a fun day! Plan which market you want to attend, make your grocery list, and grab your essentials! Take your time and walk around the whole market before you decide what to buy. You will meet some great people working hard to bring this delicious food to you. Also, check to see what entertainment your market has going on that day. Most times you can buy a coffee and some food and sit and enjoy the venue. It's fun by yourself or with a friend so get over there and see what you find!

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