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The Art of Wreath Making Can Be Your New Mindful Hobby

The art of wreath making has been going on for centuries dating all the way back to ancient Rome and Greece. Back then they were used as a status symbol or to show accomplishments. Today they are used as an art form. There are a multitude of materials used and they can be created for any season mother nature gives us.

If you are looking for a new hobby that can help you unwind and relax, why not give this a try? It's the perfect way to channel your creativity along with some soul soothing mindfulness to make for a great experience. It doesn't matter if you are a newbie or a DIY addict, it will still be a rewarding experience as you channel your artistic expression.

What are the mindful benefits of sitting down to craft up some wreath beauties you may ask?

  • It's the perfect opportunity to practice mindfulness because it involves being fully present in the moment.

  • It's a great stress buster! When you need a break from mr hustle and mr bustle whip out your supplies. When you are focusing on the task you are doing and using your mind for creativity it allows you to keep stress and anxiety at bay, which in turn gives you the tranquil feelings that you love.

  • Improve your concentration. In order to create a visually appealing wreath you need to use your full attention. The act of choosing your materials, and creating your design will sharpen your concentration. Before you know it, you are fully engrossed in your craft and everything else will have melted away.

  • Connect with the beauty of nature. Most times we can find everything we need in nature to create beautiful wreaths, such as flowers, leaves, branches, and so much more. This is a great way to feel more connected with nature and appreciate the beauty of all the things it provides us.

  • The outcome. Your wreath that you created is one of the best benefits. When you display it you can see the fruits of your efforts everyday. You can see the thing you created out of random items that looks phenomenal! It will remind you of the fun and peaceful time you spent creating it, a memory that will be there for years to come.

Are you intrigued by this hobby that can induce feelings of happiness, calm, peace, and accomplishment? If your answer is yes and why would it not be, then let's get you started!

  1. Materials-this can vary greatly but you need your base to start out such as a grapevine form, wire form, or even branches. You may also need things such as floral wire, floral tape, hot glue gun or ribbon. Decide what elements you are using to make your wreath like flowers, foliage, and seasonal items.

  2. Theme-what season or holiday is the wreath for? We just recently did Halloween wreaths for our October box. You can do a holiday specific wreath or a wreath that can be used all year round.

  3. Design-Lay out all your materials and think about how you want to lay everything out on the wreath. I suggest doing a dry run to play with the lay out before you start gluing or wiring anything on.

  4. Mindful Process-Focus on each step as you go along. Pay attention to the shape, feel, and texture of each item. Allow yourself patience and don't force the outcome. Allow it to take shape as you move along!

This is such a great hobby to bring out your creativity and practice your mindfulness. You may find you lose yourself in feelings of peace and tranquility as you are creating. This is exactly what you want! This is an art you may find you love and will venture out in more challenging creations. You may discover you have a passion for creating mindfully and your new wreath will be the testament to that. Don't forget these can make great gifts as well if you can't stop making wreaths!

At Simple Joy Box our goal is to help people reconnect with what matters most in life and to find joy in the everyday. Each month we curate an experience that helps you de-stress, slow down, and appreciate the simple things in life. Even the most ordinary moments can be transformed into something special with the right mindset and a few thoughtful touches. We make the ordinary extraordinary!


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