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Stimulate Your Mind

Updated: Jun 3

Welcome back to part 7 of our blog series The Benefits of New Experiences. If you missed our other posts, you can catch them here. This time we are talking about how new experiences can stimulate the mind.

We have done a lot of talking about how beneficial new experiences are. Well, they make your brain super happy! New experiences are awesome for your brain development as well as having a large association with positive emotions. When your brain feels happy it affects every part of you.We want to make sure we are always maintaining our brain health. Did you know that learning or doing something new can generate new brain cells and new pathways? Even if you are doing something typical but in a new way that counts too. Take a new route to work, change your morning routine, super simple to help you get started.

Stimulating your mind even affects your memories. Think back to when you were a kid. The summers seemed endless. As an adult they just seem to fly by. Why you ask? Well, as a kid so many things during summer vacation was an adventure. No matter if it was building a fort in the woods, or riding your bike all over the neighborhood. There are so many memories to think upon that it seems to just last forever. When we turn into adults, well life becomes a routine. You don't have many distinguishable memories to think about because...routine. That's why it flies by so fast. There is nothing really memorable to think about.

Make sure to create memories in your life whether big or small. Don't rely on digital experiences. In this day and age we can't seem to get away from our phones. It's everywhere you look. Digital experiences are mostly flat. They are less memorable, important and engaging. Not to mention they are forgotten very quickly.

At Simple Joy Box we specialize in creating new experiences and sending them directly to your door. Self care comes in all aspects, mental and physical. Let's stimulate your mind and help you create memories!

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