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November Box Reveal-Mini Pies'Giving

Updated: Feb 24

Besides Thanksgiving in November, there is also Friendsgiving. We made a play on that with Mini Pies'Giving. Everything is fun in mini sizes and who doesn't love pie! We wanted to allow our subscribers to create a mini pie for someone that they would love to spend some time with and also the chance to make a bunch of mini pies all at once for their family Thanksgiving gathering. We even threw in a vintage-looking apron to add to the nostalgic feel of making a pie from scratch.

mini pies'giving november subscription box

Let's take a look at what the contents are in this month's box

Mini Pie Plates

mini pie plate

The main item you need to make mini pies is mini pie pans. These are ceramic and are about 5 1/2 inches in size. They are dishwasher safe which is a huge plus. These plates are gorgeous so whatever pie you decide to make in them will look incredible. We sent along two recipes specifically for this size of the pan since the cookbook is geared toward pies for a gathering. One recipe is apple and the other is blueberry pie. Of course, everything is from scratch but don't be intimidated.

Mini Pastry Mat

mini pastry mat

You can make pie crust without a pastry mat but why would you? These mats are great because they have measurements on them, the circles to form your pie crust to the right size and best of all keep the mess off your counter! By the way, if you have never made pie crust from scratch don't let it scare you! It's easier than you think. Sometimes dough can get sticky and these mats are very handy for easy clean up and helping with the sticking. If you have never used one to make dough or even cookies I highly recommend getting one! You will wonder how you lived without it.

Vintage Look Apron

vintage look apron

For some people baking from scratch brings back memories of their childhood in the kitchen with grandma. And back then our grandmas wore aprons. We are going back to yesteryear with the look of this apron. It's the perfect vintage look with the red gingham and floral pattern. If we are going to indulge in the experience of mini pies then let's go all out! Put the apron on get your hands dirty, and let the memories take you away. As you are baking in this fab apron, why not turn on some music your grandma listened to add to the experience.

Mini Pie Cookbook

mini pie cookbook

If you need to make dessert for more than two but still want to keep it mini, this cookbook is the answer. In it you will find all kinds of great recipes that make 18-24 pies all at one time. Almost all the pies you will find in this book use muffin tins to make the most adorable and delicious pies you have ever seen. You are making a standard recipe but just putting it in smaller vessels so there is no extra time involved. Let your creativity flow with all the ways you can use your dough to make the tops of the pies beautiful.

Here is everything one more time to get you excited and looking forward to making some pie for Mini Pies'Giving!

mini pies'giving subscription box contents

If making pie is new to you, don't tell yourself you can't do it without even trying! Get out of your comfort zone and give it a try. Nine times out of ten you will surprise yourself with what you can accomplish. And if you get the 1% that it didn't work out right, that's ok. It happens to every baker out there, even professionals. In those cases, we try again and the outcome will be better.

If you are a seasoned baker, let this experience take you back in time, and have fun making mini pies! It's not something that is done very often as most of the time we are making a full-size pie. Most importantly, take in every aspect of the experience from the feel, smells, sounds, and of course tastes of your creations. This is what turns something simple into a mindful experience.

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