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May Box Reveal-Creating a Dish Garden

Updated: Jun 3

What is a better way to recharge and get creative? This month we sent the perfect box for that! If you have never created a dish garden it's super easy so lets break it down.

Here are the basic items you will need to create this project

  1. A shallow dish of any size you choose with drainage holes ( we used 11" for this project)

  2. Succulent potting soil

  3. Stones of any type or color of your choice

  4. Succulent plugs or babies

  5. Any other items to add in that speak to you

  6. Tools are optional but can be helpful

  7. A small pot or tiny watering can (get creative)

  1. First make sure your dish or pot has drainage holes. If you love one that doesn't have any, most times you can drill small holes

  2. Add in your potting soil on the top half of your dish or pot where the succulents will be planted.

  3. Add in your stones on the bottom half of the planter. You can make this area as big or small as you would like.

  4. Now comes the fun part, add in your pot or watering can or whatever vessel you choose so that it nestles into the stones and the top is in the dirt

  5. Plant your succulents in an arrangement so that it looks like they are growing out of the pot. Add in any other accessories to make it complete, water and that's it!

There are so many different ways to get creative and make some really awesome designs with your stones and other accessories. Here is one we did and the box contents that our customers received.

Finished Product!

May Box Contents

This project is perfect to enjoy some alone time to work on a fun small project. If you would like to watch us do this project, tune in Thursday night for a Facebook live or watch the replay anytime.

Simple Joy Box is the ultimate subscription box for introverts! If you enjoy doing new things on a small scale we are just what you are looking for. Embrace your personality and make memories your way.

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