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Love Love Love Yourself!

Updated: Jun 3

We have officially completed our first box launch here at Simple Joy Box. Super exciting right? I thought so! The theme of this month's box was Love Yourself. Here is a pic for reference. (I'm a visual person myself so pics are always great)

The best ways to love yourself is to take care of yourself not just physically but mentally. We wanted to give the beginning tools to do just that. What you don't have in the picture is the printouts we provided with beginner yoga poses, and 10 steps on how to meditate. Have you done any yoga or meditation?

Meditation is a great tool to help clear your mind and it's really not difficult. Even just 10 minutes a day will provided a world of benefits. And you don't even need anything special. Just yourself and a little bit of quiet. I found this great video that is done in three parts that is great for beginners

All the items in this box go hand in hand to provide a great relaxing experience for you to try and build on as time goes on.

If you are an introvert who likes to do things but on the smaller scale, we are here for you. We build our boxes around just that.

I would love to hear your experiences with meditation, yoga or other self love practices you do.

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