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July Box Reveal-Sundae Funday

Updated: Apr 18

What do you think of when the weather is hot? Besides being in the pool, most people would say ice cream. It's the perfect treat when the temperatures are soaring. What turns this into a fun experience is making your own ice cream. You don't need an ice cream machine because we included recipes for no churn! It only takes minutes to whip up some creamy goodness. So let's not waste any time and dive into the contents.

Glass Bowls and Decorative Spoons

Why not make this experience special with beautiful glass ice cream bowls and gorgeous spoons? If we are going to make a sundae let's make it beautiful as well. You eat with your eyes first right? Who is going to be the lucky person to join you on this indulgent ride? Do you have a person in your life you love spending time with? Invite them over to your very own ice cream parlor for an afternoon or evening of cold refreshing goodness, and conversation. Take some pics of your creations for your memory banks, then toss the phones aside and just enjoy each other's company.

Hot Fudge Sauce

Most people would agree that a sundae is not complete without hot fudge sauce. I think I would have to agree. There is something about the cold ice cream and warm sauce that just goes together so well. This sauce is delicious because it contains only a few ingredients and nothing artificial. If we are going to do this right, we need only the best ingredients! Get creative and use it for more than just ice cream! It makes a great dip for fruit and pretzels, as well as a delicious topping for crepes and pancakes or waffles.

Sea Salt Caramel Sauce

Caramel is the perfect companion with chocolate, so it only made sense to add this sauce as well. It's the perfect sweet with the hint of salt. This is also a minimal ingredient sauce which makes it high on my list. Ice cream isn't the only thing you can do with this sauce. Swirl some in your coffee or some chai tea. You can also use it as a dip for some apples, or a drizzle over some cheesecake or coffee cake.


Let's just have some fun and pretend we are kids again. You can admit you still love sprinkles as a grown up! Shake it a little or shake it a lot, we won't tell! We found these cute sprinkles in the round jars we couldn't resist. If you hate the thought of artificial colors in the grocery store brands, there are so many options out there now using natural colors. They look great and they really taste good too. If you were a subscriber last year, we let you try some natural coloring in the Christmas Cookie Decorating Box, and they were a hit.

You really can take something that seems so simple or mundane, something you do without thinking about it, and turn it into an experience that invokes mindfulness and presence. Yes really! Even eating ice cream! The key is to take the distractions out and be present in what is happening in those moments.

At Simple Joy Box our goal is to help people reconnect with what matters most in life and to find joy in the everyday. Each month we curate an experience that helps you de-stress, slow down, and appreciate the simple things in life. Even the most ordinary moments can be transformed into something special with the right mindset and a few thoughtful touches. We make the ordinary extraordinary!


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