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Grow an Indoor Herb Garden With Our April Box Reveal

Updated: Apr 18

This month's box is perfect to kick off the growing season. It's also the perfect project you will use year-round to spice up your kitchen and keep it looking and smelling great. I'm hoping you're curious now and want to see what our subscribers have on their doorsteps.

herb seeds, snippers, plant markers, notebook, grow domes, and recipes
Indoor Herb Garden

So excited! Our subscribers will grow their indoor herb gardens using everything we provide in their boxes. The only thing needed is some dirt. Let's take a look at the contents together.


growing domes, plant markers, snipping shears

One of the most important parts of the box to be able to grow the seeds is the growing dome pots. These are little mini greenhouses to sprout your seeds and can be used more than once! We provided detailed instructions that give all the information you need to grow the seeds and what to do when they start sprouting. Keep track of the seeds in each pot with plant stakes and a marker because I think we have all made that mistake before! Once your herbs are ready for harvesting, the shears are just the right size to snip off exactly what you need for your recipes.

Seeds, Recipes, and Terracotta Tray

Herb seeds, oregano, rosemary, lavender, cinnamon basil, recipe book

We wanted variety with the herb choices so we picked Oregano, Rosemary, Munstead Lavender, and Cinnamon Basil. We are all familiar with oregano and rosemary, but many of you may not have used lavender in the kitchen before, it's a nice subtle taste for drinks and baked goods. Cinnamon basil is used in teas, baked goods, and savory dishes. It's very aromatic and quite beautiful as well. To help give some ideas we also provided a recipe book with a few uses for each herb to get the creative juices flowing. To keep everything neat, use the terracotta tray to house your growing domes or herbs when you put them in new pots.

Crazy Plant Lady Notebook

plant information notebook

We all need this notebook to stay organized and log all the information about our plants. You will be able to track so much information on your plants such as name, plant type, important dates such as germinated, planted, or harvested, any fertilizer used, water or rainfall needs, dates bloomed, any additional notes, and more. It contains 118 pages just for this and an order tracking page to keep track of any orders you have. The days of keeping the plant tags are over! Yay!

If you have always wanted to try gardening as a hobby, this is the perfect way to get you started. Even seasoned gardeners will benefit from an indoor herb garden. You can grow your fresh herbs year-round pest-free. Tell us what indoor herbs you grow and how you use them!

There is so much joy out there to be discovered. We want to bring that to you every month. More joy, a new hobby, spending more time with friends and family, and doing more of what matters. What are you waiting for if you are not on our email list or following us on social media? You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest.

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