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Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Concrete Stepping Stones For Your Garden

diy stepping stone

Creating your garden stepping stones is easier than you might think. Even if you have never worked with concrete before I promise it's a fun and easy DIY project. In fact, you will probably enjoy it so much that you will want to make all sorts of concrete creations for your home and garden.

Before we created this month's box I had never worked with concrete. As with anything new, we worked out the kinks to send the perfect DIY box to our subscribers. The main project is the stepping stones we will discuss today.

This easy project will add pops of beauty throughout your landscape with only a few short steps. I recommend using latex gloves to avoid skin irritation and a dust mask when using the dry mix because of the fine dust.

You will need:


Concrete Mix



Latex Gloves

Cooking Spray or Vaseline

Stones, Mosaic pieces, any items you would like to decorate your stones with

Step #1 - Get the right stepping stone concrete

Don't make the same mistake I did. I had a bag of mortar mix sitting in my garage so I thought perfect I will use this.

Sure my projects molded nicely, but they did not withstand unmolding. Mortar is not the right medium to use. Instead, buy a bag of Quikcrete concrete mix. You can pick up a bag for just a few dollars at the home improvement store. You want to use the fine grade and not the mix that includes gravel.

quikcrete concrete mix in a bucket

Step #2 - Mixing your concrete for your stepping stones

Follow the directions on your package to mix the concrete. You will want to try and make only as much as you need. Pour your mix into a bucket and add water. Stir with an old spoon or wooden stick. The consistency should be similar to a brownie batter when mixed correctly.

mixing concrete in a bucket

Step #3 - Preparing your molds

To make round stepping stones I used plastic plant saucers. To prepare them for the concrete all you have to do is spray them with cooking spray or rub them with Vaseline. You can make any shape you want using almost any type of container. To make square stones you can use boxes, Tupperware containers, or even aluminum trays.

plastic plant saucers and a trowel

Step #4 - Pour and Set

Once your concrete is mixed and your molds are prepared you are ready to pour. Place your vessel on a flat surface and pour or shovel in your concrete. Make sure the concrete is in the mold evenly and smooth the top.

smoothing concrete in a mold

Step #5 - Designing your stone

The last step is the fun part where your creativity comes into play. I would suggest planning out your design before you mix up your concrete because you don't have a lot of time before it will start to set. I did not do that when I made mine but I had an idea in my head of what I wanted to do.

Make sure you press your pieces slightly into the concrete. If you are using mosaic, glass, or broken china pieces, be sure to press them so you don't have any sharp edges sticking out. Once you have your design completed all you have to do is set it aside to dry for a few days.

When your stones are dry remove the mold and place them in your garden. If you want to protect your design you can coat it with varnish but I did not choose to do that.

small garden stones

Pat yourself on the back for your great work

See how easy that was? Not only can you make beautiful art for your garden, but you can make one-of-a-kind gifts for someone. The most important part is to have fun and let your creativity flow.

stepping stone

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