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Creative Projects and Tips Using Pressed Flowers

Have you ever tried the art of flower pressing? It's a craft that has been around for a long time. It helps preserve the beauty of nature and preserve it for years or indefinitely depending on how you use them. Whether you love DIY, nature, or are looking for a new craft, there are endless possibilities when it comes to flower pressing.

Before you begin I want to share some tips to make this as successful as possible if it's your first time.

  • Choosing the right flowers will set you up for success. Try to opt for flowers with thin petals and low moisture content. Things like pansies, violets, ferns, daisies, and most foliage are optimal. Try to avoid things like roses or tulips since these may not press very well. That's not to say you can't go for it but you may not get the result you are looking for.

  • Picking your flowers at the right time will also set you up for success. Try to pick your flowers when they are at their peak and fully bloomed. I would suggest mid morning to be the optimal time to harvest. The morning dew will be gone and they won't start wilting from the heat of summer.

  • Remove any excess foliage you don't want and trim the stems to the desired length. Try to steer clear of any flowers with damage or blemishes as these will show in your pressed flowers.

  • To begin the pressing process use a flower press as pictured above, or you can even use heavy books. Arrange your flowers as directed with your press. If using books, arrange your flowers between layers of blotting paper, or paper towels to absorb moisture. Apply even pressure with your technique of choice, and change your paper to absorb more moisture if needed.

  • The amount of time it takes your flowers to dry with vary with the type of flowers you are pressing and the humidity. Typically your drying time will take about 1-3 weeks.

Once your flowers are ready, there are so many things you can make with them. I would suggest pressing a lot of flowers so you have an abundance to use throughout the year to make projects or gifts. Here is just a small list of things you can make using pressed flowers.

  1. Framed Art-use your harvest to make beautiful arrangements inside a frame to decorate your walls or give as gifts.

  2. Greeting Cards-Make your own beautiful greeting cards by designing the front with your pressed flowers and adding a message on the inside.

  3. Bookmarks-Use heavy cardstock, some yarn, and pressed flowers to make a gorgeous bookmark. Cut out your desired shape and use a hole punch on top for the yarn.

  4. Resin Jewelry-Use resin to embed your pressed flowers to make pendants, earrings, necklaces, or even keychains. Each piece you make will be unique and your own custom design!

  5. Decorative Candles-Use adhesive to attach pressed flowers to the outside of a plain candle. You can also do the same thing with glass jars or vases if you don't want to decorate the outside of the candle.

  6. Coasters-Transform your plain coasters into things of beauty with your pressed flowers. Seal it with a protective sealant before you use them and they will be good to go.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to things you can make using your pressed flowers. All it involves is some nature and creativity. It is such a relaxing activity from start to finish. Walking through nature to gather, and the creating itself. It really doesn't require any specials skills or tools either which means anyone can do this. Your friends and family will be seriously impressed with your handmade gifts which make them extra special. We would love to see any projects you have made using pressed flowers. Tag us on social media using hashtag #simplejoybox21

At Simple Joy Box our goal is to help people reconnect with what matters most in life and to find joy in the everyday. Each month we curate an experience that helps you de-stress, slow down, and appreciate the simple things in life. Even the most ordinary moments can be transformed into something special with the right mindset and a few thoughtful touches. We make the ordinary extraordinary!


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