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Create Adventure for Health

Updated: Apr 1

We have reached part 10 of our blog series on the Benefits of New Experiences. If you need to catch up you can do so here.

The next topic in this series is about adventure. New experiences can create a sense of adventure for you. Don't worry, these adventures don't have to be life-or-death experiences. They can be found in everyday life. If you think about it almost anything that you do that is new can be considered an adventure. You may gladly scale mountains or skydive if you want, but that is not for me. My heart would probably stop!

Adventures are not only fun but there is scientific proof that being adventurous can be extremely beneficial.

  1. Let's get dirty! Being exposed to dirt can help your immune system. Being exposed to some earth has so many other benefits as well, but your immune system is a great one. So go play in the dirt!

  2. Staying mentally sharp. Keeping your brain on its "toes" helps keep the brain sharp. As we discussed in a previous blog, it creates those new neural pathways. When our brains feel young and healthy so do we.

  3. Boosting self-confidence. Doing something you may not have done before will give you more confidence to try even more.

  4. Sparking your desire to explore. When you add some adventure, your desire to explore more becomes heightened. It gives us those feel goods that we love.

  5. Helping you cope with challenges. All of these things intertwine together to give you skills to help you with challenges that may pop up in life. We all know they will at some point or another. Being able to deal with these challenges healthily is such an important skill to have.

So what are some ways we can add adventure to our lives without climbing mountains? We need to expand our definition of adventure. Redefine what adventure is for you. Everyone's version will be different. The person over there may be skydiving and the person over here may be taking a day to explore what's in the town next door. Adventure is not just doing something dangerous, it's what it means to you.

Do something that scares you a little..or a lot. Have you always wanted to take a solo road trip for a weekend? Do it! How about learning a new skill like cooking sewing or woodworking? Take the class, and see if it speaks to you.

Value novelty. A novelty is something new or unusual. For example, the different types of foods in other countries than yours are a novelty. All electric cars are still a novelty for most people. These novelties are an adventure! See how something so simple is an adventure?

Leveraging your unique strengths. Often we find out what our strengths are when we are doing new things. How exciting is it to learn new things about yourself! Imagine the different paths that could take you down.

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