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Concrete DIY-From Stepping Stones to Garden Art Box Reveal

This month's theme was an exciting one. When planning our boxes for this year, I had the idea of making stepping stones. That was all I had. I had no idea of what else to put in the box and no idea how I was going to make it work. Add in the fact that I never worked with concrete to make it even more challenging. As the planning started to take shape with the other items we decided to put in the box it was time to try it ourselves. As with anything new, there was some trial and error. For instance, we didn't realize on the first round we were using mortar mix that had been sitting in the garage instead of the concrete mix so when I unmolded my pieces, they broke. That was a little discouraging until I did some research and figured it out. So, off to the home improvement store to buy some concrete mix. This time it worked quite well. I also discovered I enjoy doing concrete projects and think I will try others.

In the excitement of this box, I completely missed taking a picture of the open box with the contents. But, that is ok. Picture it in your mind if you will.

concrete diy project items, stones, mosaics, trowel, molds
Concrete Creations (I forgot the boxed photo 😭)

I know that photo isn't as exciting but let's take a look at what these items are.


resin molds for concrete diy projects

I didn't want to do only stepping stones in this box, so we added some molds to make other concrete projects to decorate your garden, porch, or patio. The top left is a candle holder mold that can hold a tea light or even incense cones. Next to that is a small planter mold. This is perfect for planting a succulent! There is no need to add a drainage hole. The last item up front is a small tray mold. It has a floral detail on the side and is the perfect size to hold your planter or it can be used to hold a candle or any other decorative item. It even looks great by itself.


saucers, trowel

To make your garden stepping stones these saucers work perfectly. We included a large and small size. The ridges will be the bottom of your stones so you can decorate your stones on the top. A trowel is an important part of the process so our subscribers now have their own to use for their projects.

Stones/Mosaic Pieces

stones, mosaic pieces

The last items in the box are the stones and mosaic pieces to decorate the tops of the stepping stones. Each bag of mosaics includes small, medium, and large pieces. There are plenty of stones and mosaics to make multiple stones, and I have a feeling that will happen!

The only other item our subscribers will need is the concrete. You can buy a bag for just $3-4 at the home improvement store. It was the only thing we could not include, but it's so inexpensive that was ok with us. If you think there is no way I will ever use concrete after making these projects, that's ok because you can buy a small tub of concrete mix for a bit more money, but I have a feeling you will get the fever and have all kinds of ideas. Not only can you make items for yourself, but you can make gifts for others as well.

Trying out new hobbies is not only relaxing and helps you stay focused and mindful, but it also encourages you to get out of your comfort zone and explore things you might discover you enjoy. Stay tuned because next week our blog details how to make your stones step by step. Click the button below to join our email list so you don't miss it.

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concrete wall


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