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April Box Reveal Eco-Rooted

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Besides Spring, what do you think of in April? If you are like me it's Earth Day and Arbor Day. These are two important days dedicated to the environment. Our theme is based around these two days. We combined Arbor and Earth Days to provide some eco friendly projects.

The experience behind this box is centered around the environment. There are 3 projects to complete. As you set up your tiny greenhouse environment for you tree, think about how awesome it is to give back to the earth! Visualize where you want to plant it, how the shade it provides down the road will be a perfect spot to relax and take in nature. As you complete your other two projects think about ways you can upcycle items around your house into something brand new. For example, the bottle that held your sparkling water, with just a few touches turns into a beautiful birdfeeder. Let's take a look at the contents

Flowering Cherry Tree Kit

Have you ever grown your own tree from seed? And a beautiful tree to boot. This little kit gives you everything you need to do just that. The kit includes a mini greenhouse, enough seeds to get at least one tree (you will probably get more than one tree), a soil less growing medium to germinate your seeds in, and perlite. Simply follow the instructions and be proud when you plant your tree you grew from a small seed!

DIY Air Plant Magnet Kit

This little kit is really cool. It includes a magnetic tin, rocks, moss, and of course an air plant. If you have any of these tins laying around your house you can make more of these kits. Most times you will find these tins holding spices in people's kitchens, but they can be up cycled into this cute project when you are done using them. Air plants are very easy to take care of! Simply soak them for 20 minutes about once a week or so, then they them dry upside down before you put them back in the tin.

DIY Terrarium Kit

Another great up cycled project is this terrarium. It includes the mason jar, soil, rock, moss, and succulents. Simply layer the ingredients as instructed, water and voila! Think about other containers you have around the house you can make other terrariums with. The possibilities are endless! You can even make themed ones such as fairy garden or even Halloween.

Up Cycled Bird Feeder

The last item we have in the box is this gorgeous bird feeder. Instead of throwing away glass bottles think of ways to re-use them. A bird feeder is the perfect way. Using simple materials like copper wire and charms you can create something beautiful. They can also be filled with fairy lights and hung around the patio or porch for simple and cozy accent lighting.

We hope you enjoy this box as much as we did creating it. There are so many ways we can re-purpose items around our homes with just a little creativity. Items like these also make great gifts as well. People love hand made items and appreciate the thought behind it, the time you took to create them! Sometimes that is the part that means the most to people, the thought and time to create something for someone vs just quickly ordering something online. Happy up cycling!

At Simple Joy Box our goal is to help people reconnect with what matters most in life and to find joy in the everyday. Each month we curate an experience that helps you de-stress, slow down, and appreciate the simple things in life. Even the most ordinary moments can be transformed into something special with the right mindset and a few thoughtful touches. We make the ordinary extraordinary!


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