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April Box Reveal..Earth Day

Updated: Jun 3

So what do you think of this box down here?

This was the box we sent out at the beginning of this month in honor of Earth Day. Let's break down the contents.

The first product here is the shampoo bar. The scent is amazing! Avocado Basil what a combo! It's made with all natural ingredients, and also the packaging is minimal so it's earth friendly.

Along those same lines is the black raspberry vanilla conditioner bar. If your hair is anything like mine you probably need conditioner. Again, the smell is out of this world. All natural ingredients and earth friendly packaging.

The last body care item is the vegan lip balm. This is unscented but does have a light shimmer tone, all natural ingredients and cardboard packaging that can be recycled.

We added a few home items to the box as well. I found some fantastic wax melts to make the home smell great. They are all natural and use no artificial fragrance. So many that you buy at the store contain harmful chemical scents that we don't need.

One of the most interesting items in my opinion is the WashCloud Nordic Sponge Cloth. I had never seen these before so I was intrigued. They are made for washing dishes and using pretty much anywhere you would normally use a sponge. They are fast drying and washable. What blew me away is they can absorb 15 times their weight in water and can replace 10+ rolls of paper towels!

The last product we included is a little DIY project. We provided a glass

spray bottle with a ring of recipes to make your own cleaning products. Everything from everyday cleaner, dusting spray, dishwasher pods and more! It's a fun little project you can customize with your own scents.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the products we had this month in our box. We love curating for you every month. We all have to invest in ourselves in some way. What is unique here is we plan these boxes with the introvert in mind. Let's enjoy life on the small scale. Make memories your way. Visit us online!

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