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Exploring Pennsylvania Foods Via a Virtual Travel Tour

Updated: Apr 18

We have a fun twist on our subscription box this month! We decided to do a virtual travel series focusing on various states. We are starting with our home state of Pennsylvania. This was a lot of fun to assemble and make all the recipes. Most people will be familiar with most if not all of these foods so let's start showing off what our subscribers got this month.

subscription box contents, molasses, cheese wiz, godiva chocolate, perogie mold, recipe book, coffee, DIY mini hex sign kit
A walk around Pa subscription box

Cheese Wiz & Molasses

cheese wiz molasses

This is pretty obvious don't you think? I'm wondering if you can guess what these will be used for. We will reveal that down below but I'd love for you to take a few guesses.

Pierogie/Dumpling Mold

pierogie mold

Make easier work of making pierogies which is one of the recipes in this box or even dumplings. We try to include things that most people may not have to make the experience easier for them and to make sure that they can do these projects again in the future.

Godiva Chocolate Bar

godiva chocolate bar

Did you know that Godiva chocolate is made in Reading PA? We have a factory right here in Berks County that produces these chocolates. Godiva was started in Belgium but is now made here in PA!

Recipe Booklet

recipe booklet

We put together a booklet of recipes that Pennsylvania is known for. We started with Philly cheesesteaks. This is where your wiz comes in because without the wiz it's not authentic. We stayed in Philly with a recipe for soft pretzels which are easy and fun to make and also freeze very well. Next, we headed over to Pittsburgh with a recipe for pierogies. They are a bit of a process but once you get the hang of it it goes smoothly. These also are perfect to freeze for later. Lastly, we ended up in PA Dutch country, and gave a recipe for shoo-fly pie. Cue in the molasses. This was a very tasty recipe and easy to make!

Lavender Creme Coffee

lavender creme coffee

We didn't want to leave out the Poconos so we found a local roaster who had a unique blend we thought would fit great. This coffee is a rich aromatic blend with the sweet aroma of lavender. It's a great way to start your day or enjoy in the evening.

DIY Mini Hex Sign Kit

DIY mini hex sign kit

The final item is a DIY mini hex sign kit. We channeled the local Amish and Mennonite communities to put together this fun little craft project. Use your creativity with the color palette and make it your own. You can seal it once it's dry to protect it.

We are proud to showcase our home state and hope that our subscribers have fun making Pennsylvania foods via a virtual travel tour. Virtual tours are a great way to get to know things about places you may never experience right from the comfort of your home. Be sure to read next week's blog because we will be going into more depth about the origins of these recipes and what made them famous. We would also love to have you follow us on social media because we will be posting our videos making these recipes ourselves. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. We would love to know if you have visited our state and if so what was some of the food that you loved here.

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