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Creating Hygge with the perfect winter activity

Updated: Feb 24

Yep, I know what you're thinking, what in the world is Hygge (pronounced Hoo-Gah)? I had never heard of this word until just a few months ago, although now that I know what it is, it turns out it is something I have always craved.

Hygge is a Danish word and it is a feeling of coziness and comfort that produces a feeling of comfort and well-being. It is a Danish concept that involves creating a warm and contented atmosphere, as well as being present in the moment and enjoying the simple pleasures in life with loved ones.

There is no right or wrong way to "hygge". It will be a little different for everyone. It can be candles, warm fuzzy blankets, tea, or anything that brings you feelings of comfort and joy.

It's no surprise that introverts are drawn to this lifestyle, and have probably been doing this all along and didn't even know it was a thing. I would bet a lot of you are reading this thinking yes! I love these feelings, I crave them!

When I created the January box this was the exact thing on my mind...Hygge, cozy, warm, comfortable, a fun pastime.

The theme of the box is Winter Blues. January is the heart of winter, and typically cold and dreary. I envisioned someone sitting on their favorite chair or couch curled under a blanket with fuzzy socks, a warm beverage, and a fun project. Because I tend to be a visual person I always picture the person doing the activity in the box when I create them. I want each person to feel the feelings, learn something new, and feel good when they do their boxes. This is what we sent our subscribers this month.

What do you think? Can you feel the hygge vibes in this box? If you can that makes me super happy because it means I did my job.

I want to delve more into this topic in the future so make sure you keep following us. What invokes feelings of hygge for you?

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