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Apple Picking is the Perfect Fall Activity

Updated: Apr 1

Back in August, we went Apple Picking to get some content for social media for our September Box. I will say it was dang hot that day and it was only 9:30 in the morning. With that being said, thankfully you won't have to go until September or maybe October. For me personally, it's way better when it's not super hot.

Walking the Orchard

The orchard we went to is not far from home. It's huge and they have a ton of different varieties of apples there.

Rows and Rows of Apple Trees

A tractor took us up to the variety that was ready to pick which at that time was Honeycrisp. It was a nice little ride up the hill and through the orchard to where they drop you off. Then you just walk around and look for the best apples to put in your bag. They do a loop and pick up the next bunch drop them off and take you back to the gate.

Apple Hauling Tote Bag

Tractor ride through the orchard

The other cool stuff they had there was the cut-your-own sunflowers, the zinnia patch, the goats you could feed, and the apple shooting guns. You can spend a good amount of time there!

Beautiful Sunflower

This was just one of the beautiful sunflowers I got a picture of. There were so many and so many beautiful colors as well.

Our Friend the Goat

This cute guy was one of the many goats that you can feed. It's a popular attraction for kids and adults like me who think every animal is adorable.

Rows of Zinnias

When you want to do some relaxing there was even an area set up with corn hole, giant connect four, and fire pits and tables to make smores. It's a fun day (as long as it's not burning hot) to relax and have some fun out in nature.

Firepit and Game Area

Of course, at the end of the day, you have some yummy things to bring home. There are so many delicious things to make with apples from pies to salads to cider. For our lucky subscribers, we included a cookbook that is all apples to make all sorts of great stuff.

Fresh apples from the tree

The apples right off the tree smell amazing and taste just as good!

Who doesn't love a scarecrow

Not sure they helped keep the birds away but they are fun to look at! Be sure to visit your local orchard this season. It helps the farmer and you get yummy healthy fruit plus a fun outing. You can't beat that!

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Have you visited your local orchard yet this year? We would love you to tag us in your photos!

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