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10 Amazing Solo Date Ideas With Fun Activities to Do Alone

If you're anything like me, you cherish your alone time and love discovering new ways to make the most of it. Solo dates are the perfect way to enjoy your own company, explore new interests, and treat yourself like the rockstar you are. Whether you're a seasoned soloist or just dipping your toes into the world of solo activities, I've got some fantastic solo date ideas to inspire your next adventure.

local farmer's market vendors with people strolling around

1. Farmer's Market

It may sound strange but you can have a great time at some of the Farmer's Markets these days. Check out your local town's market or neighboring town markets and look for ones that have a nice setting, plenty of vendors, and even some live entertainment. It's the perfect morning date with yourself to relax, support your local farmers, and just be present. We did a blog all about this a few years ago describing how to make the Farmer's Market a mindful and completely different experience with these 6 tips. Click here to read more.

bottle of red nail polish

2. At-Home Pedicures

Treat yourself to an afternoon of pampering with a pedicure. I'm not just talking about a quick hurried pedicure, I'm talking about making it into a whole experience. Yes, even a pedicure can be transformed into something special. Read about how you can create your own experience with a pedicure.

picnic set up on a dock by the lake

3. Picnic

A picnic can be the perfect solo date with just a little forethought. Pick the perfect setting that suits you such as a park, the beach, the lake, or even in the backyard. You don't need a lot just some food and drink and a deck of cards or a book, and a chair or blanket. Read about 4 themes you can use for your picnic here.

small succulents

4. Create a Succulent Dish Garden

There's almost nothing more satisfying than nurturing plants. Creating DIY projects with plants is a perfect solo activity that gets your hands in the dirt. Here are some instructions to get you started making your succulent dish garden. Add a glass or two of wine and some of your favorite music for the perfect afternoon solo date.

spa products, pumice stone, exfoliating brush, towels, epsom salt, soap

5. Spa Day

Treat yourself for a day to a relaxing spa day at home. Recharge your mind, body, and spirit all while enjoying your time alone. Create the mood with the right lighting, music, and even a glass of lemon water or wine. Read our tips for creating your special spa day solo date.

hygge, scented candles, solo date night

6. Create Hygge

Hygge pronounced Hoo-Gah is a Danish word and is all about coziness and comfort. Practicing Hygge is a perfect opportunity to indulge in your perfect cozy activity. That could be knitting, embroidery, or painting. The key is to make the atmosphere as cozy as possible. That may even mean putting on your favorite pajamas. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being in your pajamas during the day! I have some tips for creating hygge for you to read here.

ice cream sundae

7. Sundae Solo Date

This requires a bit of planning but who doesn't love ice cream? Making the ice cream from scratch and making it more of an experience is what makes this a solo date activity. Learn how to transform something ordinary into something extraordinary here.

cozy lobby, solo date night, things to do alone

8. Cozy Evening In

I wonder if you have noticed yet we like the cozy vibe. Cozy is what makes a solo date night or solo activities so craveable. Plan your perfect solo night in a cozy way with some lavender shower steamers or lotion, a candle, maybe a soothing facemask, and a puzzle! This solo date would do best with no electronic devices, just yourself and some relaxation. It also does double duty as a relaxing way to unwind at night before bed. Discover the power of the nightly wind down here.

afternoon tea, teacup, tea kettle, self care

9. Afternoon Tea

Typically afternoon tea is something we enjoy with others but this can also be a solo date by just pairing down your food. Afternoon tea is a really fun activity and the perfect way to relax and enjoy your own company. Make it special for yourself by picking a perfect spot in the garden and even wearing your favorite sundress and garden hat. Who says you have to skimp when it's just you! I created a guide to enjoying afternoon tea here.

steak sandwich

10. Take a Virtual Food Tour of Your State

Do you know what your state's famous foods are? Take a virtual tour of your state through food. Research what your state is known for in tasty treats and recreate that at home. Since I'm from Pennsylvania we have the Philly cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, perogies, Amish baked goods, and even Godiva chocolate that I can buy at the store. Search out what is popular in certain areas of your state and purchase those items online. I did that with a specialty coffee company in the Poconos. Check out my virtual tour of Pennsylvania here to get some inspiration for your tour.

Remember, solo dates are all about celebrating you. So, get out there (or stay in) and treat yourself to some fabulous alone time. This is all about recharging, relaxing, and learning how to be more mindful in any activity you are doing. We don't always treat ourselves as well as we treat others and the time has come to appreciate and nurture ourselves. Stop telling yourself it's selfish to put yourself first sometimes. It's the opposite, it's self care in the best form. If you try any of these ideas or have your own favorite solo activities, I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

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