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Our Story

Throughout my life I have been the person who liked simple things. The one that was introverted compared to some of my friends. Growing up I always thought I should be like other people and be loud, crazy, talk too much and love large crowds. But that is just not me and I've learned to embrace who I am, and discovered that there are so many people just like that. 

I've also discovered that you can be that person and also be a successful business owner. Things don't happen just for extroverted people. They also happen for people like you and me. 

The vision for this box came about because we felt that more people needed to start embracing those simple things. Learn to slow down and make time to do things for themselves. It's so important to make memories in our lives. Memories lend themselves to better mental health, a critical part of self care. In the age we are living in with so much technology and social platforms, we tend to get sucked in and not take the time to make memories.

The logo we chose for our business has special meaning. The coneflowers are a love of mine. My gardens are filled with them. The dragonfly is a love of Heather's and has special symbolism for her. It is the perfect combination of two different favorites. When you see a coneflower or a dragonfly, we want you to think about the simple joys in life, and how we can help you experience that.

Founders of simple joy box

Julie and Heather

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