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Slow living lifestyle, new hobby

Create Your Slow Living Lifestyle 

Step Outside of Your Box With Our Box!

We offer a curated subscription box designed to help you embrace the art of slow living one month at a time.

Garden Dinner Table, slow living hobby

Our mission is to inspire people to embrace the art of slow living by curating experiences that bring mindfulness, encourage intentional living, and engage your passion for discovering new hobbies

We take the guesswork out of finding your new hobby by introducing creative habits that allow for more self-expression and create simple pleasures in your day-to-day life. 


We will help you take the confusion out of where to start and break you out of your comfort zone onto your journey of slow living. 


Are you ready to discover new passions that promote feelings of accomplishment, self-worth, and satisfaction?


Then we’re so glad you’re here.

Simple Joy Box is a woman-owned and operated company founded in Berks County Pa. 


We are Julie and Heather, friends for many years, and business partners. Our story begins with the shutdown from Covid. We had both lost our 9-5’s and we now had time to discover things that we enjoyed with this newfound freedom. We both discovered on our own that we enjoyed the laid-back lifestyle known as slow living. 


We did more gardening, cooking, crafting, and connecting than ever before. We wanted to create a life that no longer relied on a 9-5 and would give us the freedoms that we desired. We wanted to share the passions that we discovered with others so they could create a life that lets them slow down and appreciate life’s simple joys.


Our subscription boxes serve as a repeated reminder to take care of yourself, focus on your well-being, and embrace a slower life approach.

We pride ourselves on bringing you a unique mix of experiences to surprise you each month, along with a repeated source of support, inspiration, and encouragement to find joy in everyday things. 


Instead of just existing, let us help you learn to live, experience the beauty in the every day, and become more mindful as you move through life.

With the Simple Joy Box Subscription You will......

  • Learn new skills so you can develop more self-confidence and broaden your knowledge.

  • Take a step back and slow down with meaningful memories, something that seems almost lost in today’s fast-paced lifestyle where we often lose ourselves in the online world.

  • Find a new hobby that opens your mind, teaches you how to think in new ways, creates a sense of accomplishment, and pushes you outside your comfort zone for optimal growth.

  • Discover a new form of self-care that not only prioritizes relaxation and a way to recharge but also a way to slow down and connect with yourself in a more meaningful way. 

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